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CornPAC seeks to promote the public policy goals of corn producers and their agriculture-related interests. Our ability to keep our friends in office through supporting those who support our public policy priorities can have a direct impact on your operation.  

CornPAC provides individuals a meaningful way to exercise their citizen rights by pooling their resources to contribute to worthy candidates for federal office – regardless of party affiliation – who have demonstrated their belief in the priorities of corn growers.    


If you're planning to be at Commodity Classic this year, be sure to join us at "Corn-A-Ritaville" the CornPAC Auction.

Buy your tickets and preview items here. 



Levels of Support


If you have any questions about how the PAC operates, please reach out to Kendra Ricks.



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All contributions are voluntary and are only a suggested amount. All contributions will be used for federal political purposes paid for by CornPAC.  Corporate contributions are not permitted, and contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions are solicited from NCGA members only. Solicitations can be declined without fear of reprisal.
CORN PAC is regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). All contributions to the PAC and all contributions made by the CORN PAC to federal candidates are required to be reported to the FEC and available to the public on the FEC’s website.

Federal law prohibits CornPAC from soliciting donations from other than executive and administrative personnel and members of NCGA, and families of these individuals. Any contribution received from any other person will be returned to the donor.

If for some reason you give over the federally allowable $5000 per calendar year, we will refund you that overage amount. 


MAX Club Members
Michael Lefever CO


Schneider CO
Jon Doggett DC
Kevin Ross IA
Ron Hemesath IA
Chris Edgington IA
Fred Hemesath IA
Frances Hemesath IA
Galt Porter MO
Gary Porter MO
Gage N Porter MO
John Linder OH
Jon Miller OH
Robert Gordon TX
Patricia Gordon TX
CornPAC Crusaders
Matt Mulch CO
Vanessa Edgington IA
Robert Hemesath IA
Kenneth Hartman IL
Alane Preston KY
Tom Haag MI
Dana Allen-Tully, PhD MN
Brian Thalmann MN
James O'Connor MN
Tom Haag MN
Brandon Hunnicutt NE
Dan Wesely NE
Debra Gangwish NE
Lynn Chrisp NE
Cheryl Linder OH
William Bower OH
Susie Spurlock TX
Wesley Spurlock TX
ACRE Club Members
Kelly Nieuwenhuis IA
Tom Edgington IA
Mark Mueller IA
Stan Nelson IA
Randy Desutter IL
James Reed IL
James Roesner IN
Kent Moore KS
Steve Rome KS
Matthew Frostic MI
Russell Braun MI
Matthew Holysz MI
Andrew Rebottaro MI
Philip Gordon MI
Duane Epland MN
David Vipond MN
Harold Wolle MN
Neil Caskey MO
Jay Schutte MO
Lori Porter MO
Greg Amundson ND
Dan Nerud NE
David Merrell NE
Steve Ebke NE
Jay Reiners NE
Michael Vallery OH
Gene Baumgardner OH
Kelly Harsh OH
Scott Stahl SD
Angie Martin TX
CornPAC Champions
Ginny Lefever CO
Bryan Goodman DC
Anne Thompson DC
Allan Johnson IA
Jolene Riessen IA
Tim Thompson IL
Martin Barbre IL
Josh Roe KS
Lowell Neitzel KS
Mark Roberts KY
Richard Preston KY
Jim Bauman MO
Nathan Fields MO
Michael Dibbern NE
Clark Bryan NE
Brian Brown NE
Ted Schrock NE
Patty Mann OH
Patty Cole PA
Kendra Ricks VA
Nicole Wagner WI
Mike Berget WI
CornPAC Advocates
John Bode DC
Angus Kelly DC
Mike Jaros GA
Bruce Rohwer IA
Ralph Lents IA
Steve Kuiper IA
Charlie White IA
Alex Edgington IA
Jerry Maier IA
Rodney Weinzierl IL
William Leigh IL
Marty Marr IL
Dave Rylander IL
Brent Rogers KS
Greg Krissek KS
James Kanten MN
Tim Waibel MN
Adam Birr MN
Bryan Biegler MN
Jordan Goblish MN
Gaylen Holloway MO
Rita Dunagan MO
Marie Nelson MO
Mary Quigley MO
Lisa Keen MO
Cathryn Wojcicki MO
Stacey Stiens MO
Matthew Lambert MO
Bradley Schad MO
Mark Wilson MO
Kevin Skunes ND
James Dotzenrod ND
Drew Courtney ND
Andrew Mauch ND
Joseph Sheldon ND
Bart Schott ND
Jan Tenbensel NE
Ethan Zoerb NE
Rick Gruber NE
Andrew Jobman NE
Jessica Groskopf NE
John Hintz OH
Tadd Nicholson OH
Dennis Vennekotter OH
John Schroeder OH
Ben Klick OH
Gail Lierer OH
Eric Tipton OH
Rachael Vonderhaar OH
John Settlemyre OH
Gary Duffy SD
Chad Blindauer SD
Charles Ring TX
Nancy Doggett VA
Don Glenn AL
Tracy Willits CA
Nicholas Colglazier CO
Martha Smith CO
Colleen Willard DC
Kathy Bergren DC
Anne Thompson DC
David Crow DC
Wayne Stoskopf DC
Danita Murray DC
David Beaudreau DC
Bruce Knight DC
Brooke Appleton DC
Jay Vroom DC
Steve Yingling DE
Dewey Lee GA
Bob Bowman IA
Jim Greif IA
Stuart Swanson IA
Craig Floss IA
Dennis Friest IA
Sara Ross IA
Elizabeth Burns-Thompson IA
Tim Recker IA
Duane Aistrope IA
Dan Keitzer IA
Mark Bentley IA
Mark Recker IA
Carl Jardon IA
Cale Juergensen IA
Dean Meyer IA
Amanda De Jong IA
Gary Petersohn IA
Peter Brecht IA
Barb Kastner IA
John Swanson IA
Roger Zylstra IA
Marianne Shubert IA
Tim Burrack IA
Brian Brown IL
Brett Swanson IL
Roger Sy IL
Matt Rush IL
Kate Danner IL
Rob Elliott IL
Sarah Hastings IL
Donald Guinnip IL
James Baumann IL
Nicole Hasheider IL
Steve Pitstick IL
Mike Shane IL
Garrett Hawkins IL
Dirk Rice IL
Keith Sanders IL
Dave Loos IL
Kent Kleinschmidt IL
Jon Rosenstiel IL
Dan Cole IL
Art, Lee & Don Bunting IL
John Lumpe IL
Mark Bunselmeyer IL
Jason Bunting IL
Tyler Everett IN
David Ring IN
Tim Gauck IN
Sue Schulte KS
Bob Timmons KS
Emily Koop KS
Chad Epler KS
Deb Ohlde KS
Jd Hanna KS
Pat Ross KS
Laura Knoth KY
Darren Rice KY
Joshua Lancaster KY
Terry Wimp KY
Joseph Sisk KY
Adam Andrews KY
Russel Schwenke KY
Clayton Griffith KY
Evan Miles MD
William Willard MD
Charles Willett MD
Chip Bowling MD
Kristin Poley MI
Judy Brown MI
Earl Collier MI
Jay Parr MI
Ned Wyse MI
Jim Zook MI
John Delmotte MI
Ross Meyer MI
Brett Roberts MI
Laurie Peterson MN
Brandon Fast MN
Angela Guentzel MN
Gary Prescher MN
Chad Willis MN
John Mages MN
Chrisopher Hill MN
Jocelyn Schlichting MN
Todd Wentzel MN
Laura Kanten MN
Scott Winslow MN
Richard Syverson MN
Howard Olson MN
Doug Albin MN
Jeremy Green MO
Shea McCabe MO
Julie Busse MO
Mark Scott MO
Sarah McKay MO
Rachel Orf MO
Melanie Gibson MO
Addie Yoder MO
Nicole Hasheider MO
Brice Fischer MO
Samantha Davis MO
Mark Palmer MO
Brian Lehman MO
Joseph Hodes MO
Becky Frankenbach MO
Clint Stephens MO
Hilary Black MO
Brent Boydston MO
Mike Moreland MO
Gary Marshall MO
Ann Kistner MO
Lane Howard MO
Larry Poe MS
Kayla Poe MS
Will Johnson NC
Franklin Lee NC
Josh Miller NC
Eric Brown NC
Jason Rayner ND
Benjamin Bakko ND
Terry Wehlander ND
Jean Henning ND
Brenda Elmer ND
Brian Leier ND
Tysen Rosenau ND
Scott Smith NE
Bob Dickey NE
Kelly Manning NE
Chris Grams NE
Tom Brandt NE
Adam Grabenstein NE
Craig Grams NE
Stephanie Johnson NE
Adam Theis NE
Randy Reznicek NE
Kelly Brunkhorst NE
Colleen Klein NY
Justin Wagener OH
Roger Maurer OH
Mindy Miller OH
Brad (Ronnie) Moffitt OH
Brad Reynolds OH
Jeannette Thompson OH
Kim Ratcliff OH
Lucas Crumley OH
Scott Ruck OH
Keith Truckor OH
Matt Keller PA
Vivian Georgalas SD
Mark Gross SD
Grant Rix SD
George McDonald TN
Matt Fennel TN
Carol Reed TN
John Townsend TN
Mike Holman TN
Mike Brundige TN
Bryce White TX
Stephanie Pruitt TX
David Gibson TX
Russell Williams TX
Robert White VA
David Flakne WI
Julie Woodruff WI
Mark Hoffmann WI
Luke Goessling WI
Kathy Kimack  
Lindsay Mitchell  
Mary Cromley  
Tony Klemm  
Paul Spencer  
Jim Fischer  
Lindsay Fitzgerald  
Randy Wanke  
Macie O'Shaughnessy  
Ellen Rahn  
Casey McGuire  
Frank Lussetto  
Ashley Deal  
Tim Cansler