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Our ability to keep our friends in office through supporting those who support our public policy priorities can have a direct impact on your operation.  

CornPAC seeks to promote the public policy goals of corn producers and their agriculture-related interests.

CornPAC provides individuals a meaningful way to exercise their citizen rights by pooling their resources to contribute to worthy candidates for federal office – regardless of party affiliation – who believe, and have demonstrated their belief, in the priorities of corn growers.    


 Some suggested levels of support:


Our next Quarterly Conference Call will be held in December.  Check your email for details!

If you have any questions about how the PAC operates, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Kendra Ricks.


All contributions are voluntary and are only a suggested amount. All contributions will be used for federal political purposes paid for by CornPAC.  Corporate contributions are not permitted, and contributions are not deductible for federal income tax purposes. Contributions are solicited from NCGA members only. Solicitations can be declined without fear of reprisal.
CORN PAC is regulated by the Federal Election Commission (FEC). All contributions to the PAC and all contributions made by the CORN PAC to federal candidates are required to be reported to the FEC and available to the public on the FEC’s website.

Federal law prohibits CornPAC from soliciting donations from other than executive and administrative personnel and members of NCGA, and families of these individuals. Any contribution received from any other person will be returned to the donor.

If for some reason you give over the federally allowable $5000 per calendar year, we will refund you that overage amount. 



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MAX Club Members

Patricia Gordon 

Robert  Gordon 

Cheryl Linder

John Linder

Susie Spurlock 

Wesley Spurlock

CornPAC Crusaders

Brandon Hunnicutt

Dennis McNinch

Kevin Ross  

ACRE Club Members

Dana Tully-Allen 

Gene Baumgardner  

Jed ( William) Bower 

Randy Desutter

Steve Ebke

Chris Edgington

Nathan Fields

Jared Gordon  

Philip Gordon

Chris Grams  

Tom Haag

Robert Hanson

Kenneth Hartman

Robert Hemesath  

Michael Lefever

Gail Lierer

Dennis Maple

Lesly McNitt

Jon Miller

Teddi Mueller

Stan Nelson

Dan Nerud

Alane Preston  

Jay Reiners

Sara Ross

Kevin Skunes

Terry Smith

Brian Thalmann  

Randy Wenger

Harold Wolle  

CornPAC Champions

Jon Doggett

Andrew Jobman

Larry Klever

Greg Krissek  

Ben Merrick

Nicole Spurlock

Walter Spurlock  

Steven Yoder  

CornPAC Advocates

Greg Amundson

Brooke Appleton 

James Bauman

Amanda Bilek

Adam Birr

Russell Braun

Sheldon Bream

Neil Caskey

Michael Dibbern 

Dave Drennan

Dave Ellens

Craig Floss 

Debra Gangwish

Don Glenn

Joel Grams

Kelly Harsh

Sarah Henry

Matthew Holysz

Allan Johnson 

William Leigh

Kenneth McCauley

David Merrell

John Mesko  

Marie Nelson

Kelly Nieuwenhuis 

James Reed 

Brad Reynolds

Kendra Ricks

Jolene Riessen

Ronald Rockhold

Bruce Rohwer

Bradley Schad

Scott Stahl

Fred Stemme

Stacey Stiens

Tom Tibbits

Colleen Wilard

Chad Willis  


Doug Albin               

Cory Atley                  

Kathy Baker                

Martin Barbre                

Kathy Bergren                               

Byran Biegler          

Debbie Borg                

Peter Brecht                

Susan Brocksmith             

Rosalyn Brummette         

Kelly Brunkhorst

Julie Busse

Keith Byerly

James Callan  

Susan Claiborne 

Nicholas Colglazier

Lucas Crumley 

Derek Dam  

Samantha Davis 

John Delmotte

Gary Duffy 

Rita Dunagan    

Brenda Elmer

Jeremy Fix

Matthew Frostic

Dennis Gengenbach

Craig Gigstad

George Goblish

 Jeremy Green

John Greer 

Andy Groskopf

Mark Gross

Greg Gussiaas

Justin Halvorson

Jd Hanna 

Nicole Hasheider

Sarah Hastings

Marv Heasley

Jean Henning

Chris Hill  

Joseph Hodes

John Hoffman

John Hummel

Carl Jardon

Loren Jesch

Ben Johnson

James Kanten  

Lisa Keen

Steve Kelley

Joshua Lancastser

Ralph Lents

Jerry Maier

Marty Marr

Angie Martin

Andrew Mauch

Roger Maurer

Shea McCabe  

Ken McCauley

Greg McGlinch  

Sarah McKay

David Miller 

Fred Miller  

Justin Minnaert  

Brad Moffitt

Mark Mueller

Tadd Nicholson

Lawrence Onweller

Ron Parks  

Mary Quigley

Mark Recker

Carol Reed

Dirk Rice

Jeff Rice 

Josh Roe

James Roesner 

Tysen Rosenau

Jocelyn Hicks Schlichting  

Emily Schneider

Sue Schulte  

Mike Shane

Wayne Stoskopf

Jason Swede

Roger Sy 

Richard Syverson

Anna Teeter

Jan Tenbensel  

Anne Thompson

Douglas Toreen 

Steve Uram

Nicole Wagner

Timothy Waibel 

Katie Walter

Randy Wanke

Rodney Weinzierl 

Todd Wentzel

William Willard

Chuck Woodside  

Jim Zook